“Who Else Wants To Have a Body Like This?”

by Bodybuilder Malaysia

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Professional Bodybuilders or Personal Trainers in Malaysia who Drives Up your Confidence and Shape You Up like you were NEVER before!


Do you love to have a lean and sexy-looking body?  Miss getting all the attentions you used to have or never had? 

Or simply want to get rid of the excessive bulge and tyres


Bodybuilding can be Easy Or Really Difficult- Depending On Whether You Are Trained the Right Way.

Learning the know-how to maximise your effectiveness of workout and the proper diet already requires consultation and advise from experts like dietitian. It requires time, effort and money!

What is worst is if you give up before achieving your desired results! You wasted money on gym membership, diet supplements and all kinds of products.

The Secret to effective bodybuilding or weight loss is maintaining consistent discipline. It is the cornerstone of all fitness, weight-loss and body-building exercises. You can’t, and you don’t want to do it, ALONE.

Personal trainer helping man bench press

Personal trainer helping man bench press

Starting off with the wrong concepts and techniques may actually cause you more problems, as you may have to “un-learn” these later on. That’s the reason why, it’s really important to hire a professional bodybuilder or personal trainer from the start.

Get it right from the start!

Man lifting weights at a gym. Looks difficult?

Man lifting weights at a gym. Looks difficult?

Here is a method known to very few..

If you are looking to build muscle mass, do not rest too long after every sets of workout! Many workout at the gym for too long. 30 -45 seconds rest is more than enough. The idea is to build fatigue to your muscles on top of your previous set. Your personal trainer or bodybuilder will tell you the same thing!

Body-building is not an easy task for most people, and we understand, most bodybuilders today have gone through it before. To many, having a desired body is a faraway dream. At BodyBuilderMalaysia.com, we want to change that mindset and provide the connections to live your dreams. Don’t let it die down. Life is great.

Join our virtual club now by filling in the form. Get a mentor and enrich yourself with confidence. 

What Everybody Ought to Know ..

Is that most of the bodybuilders or personal trainers are either freelance or teaching at fitness centres. Hence, they only teach at certain locations and are difficult to reach. Nevertheless, many have joined our club to collectively contribute to a community full with ENERGY and KNOWLEDGE.

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Select A Qualified Bodybuilder or Personal Trainer.

All our BodyBuilders are certified professionals and most of them has over 5 years of personal training and practice of coaching. Many of them are title holders or contestants in championships such as Mr. Kuala Lumpur or Mr.KL.

They also have attained a track record of satisfied clients, a key criterion for selecting them.

Are you ready to join the ranks of superstars and Mr/Ms Body Beautiful?


Build a Body You Can be Proud of !

Start simply now by allowing our bodybuilder to call you and motivate you. Get your free membership now.


What Your Personal Trainer Wants to Know?

1) Body Mass Index (BMI)
What is your weight and height? How is your diet? Are you thin or obese? What is your goal or expectation after course?

2) Available Days and Times
We only schedule courses during times where most people are free- For working people, this means either weekday nights or weekends.

3) Existing gym location and equipment. Where are you located at? What equipments do you already have if you must only train at home.

Personalized Bodybuilding course or Personal Training

Imagine yourself standing on stage as Mr/Ms Body Beautiful, and feel all the attentions out there as you walk out to the mall in a new body full of energy.

As you begin getting all the WOWs and HOWs from your friends and peers especially those whom had spoken few with you, you can’t help but appreciate that you made a decision some time back- The decision to train professionally, to immerse yourself fully in the most ENERGETIC training of your lifetime

Now You Can Have the Body You Desire and yet Enjoy the Process

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in delivering 100% top notch training to our customers. We want all our customers to enjoy bodybuilding as much as partying and eating snacks.

GET RID of the Shitty Feelings and Fats ONCE & FOR ALL!

Join the ranks of bodybuilders in Malaysia. Fill in the form and join the speed lane to great body now!


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