BEFORE – The start of bodybuilding journey 1/6/2013


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1st June 2013. 

“Let’s achieve another milestone. You can do it! “  ~ This is what he keeps telling me.

Basically, has engaged me to Ernie for an on-going personal training course. I was challenged to commit to a time frame and post my progress up here.

So, here are my current stats.

Age: 26+

Height: 173cm
Weight: 69.6kg
Blood Pressure 130 mm/Hg (systolic) 70mm/Hg (diastolic)
Body Mass Index: 23 (Moderate)
Body fat: 21.9%
Visceral Fat Level: 6.5
Basal metabolic rate: 1608
Body Age: 33yo. :-(
Medical history
1) No medication.
2) No surgery or injury or known allergy
3) Father with hypertension and history of mild stroke.
Sports activity
1) 2002-2010 – plays football futsal regularly
2) >2010 – plays badmintion once in a bluemoon.
3) 2012 till present – 20 laps of swim once a week.
No jog, no gym, no crunch, no push-up.
Always sit on my chair to work.
Hmm.. LET’s DO IT!

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