Bodybuilding – Day 1

My coach said I can begin and so we set the time to be 10.30am.  I am not usually a morning person, but I like it as it is not during peak hours and it’s less crowded anywhere you do. 

I was at the gym slightly earlier. I was already seeing a couple of college kids working out.

Unexpectedly, first warning I received from my trainer is this.


I was “oh,ok”. Only then I realised many bodybuilders trained with steriod and that is not natural.

I was told the session is going to take about 1 hr. So, we went straight up to the locker and get ready.

I began with inclined dumbell presses.  1 set of 15 reps. It wasn’t until the 2nd set, I thought my trainer had selected the heaviest weight for my capacity. SO, I did another set with a heavier weight. (maybe 9kg each dumbell?) Not too sure gotta check with my trainer.

By 2nd set my arms are beginning to give way, and I have long left the counting of reps to my trainer. Neither do i know how many reps  I was doing when I was doing it. All my entire focus (as I should), was to do as many and control the weight.

I took about a minute break in between each sets.

We continued with 2 sets of flat dumbell presses, in which it is easier than inclined dumbell presses. By 3 set, 15 reps were beyond my reach. But I wouldn’t have expected I could do 12 without the push and motivation from my trainer.

My forearm needs lots of work apparently.

So, we continued with 2 sets of dumbell row, and finally, I was just able to hung on the chin up bar for like 10-13 Secs..

Guess what, everything took only 45 min. My trainer says it isn’t even the full session yet, but I should take it from there for the day.

Knowing I need to burn some fats for my abs too, I went ahead to the treadmill without my trainer. Did that for another 10min, cooldown for a minute, and that’s all for the day I thought I survived, until I felt a sudden surge of dizziness.

I rested on the bench for at least 10 minutes. The dizziness persisted but I began to dry up. I press forward for bath and expecting my body would recaliberate soon enough, until I started perspiring profusely again. My body rejected the mineral water I took. I skipped the bath.

Took me about 30 min in total to pull myself together to get out. Managed to get a Ribenna from a cafe. It took that to realise that my blood is craving for glucose, as I wanted more of it on the drive back. Within another 15min flat on bed upon reaching home, I felt great again to resume my routine.

My trainer says my body will know better in my next session.

I learnt 2 things

1) How our sedentary lifestyle a detriment to our physical health.

2) The effectiveness of training at a gym with a trainer who does the counting and setting the expectation in terms of weight and amount of work. He knows my limit and importantly set the bar and push beyond my expectation to achieve what I want.