Bodybuilding day 21st – How does it feel like having both hands paralysed?

Huh? Paralysed? Exactly right.. If it’s paralysed, there’s no feel to it. You don’t feel your hands anymore. And how would I know how it is like, unless it’s paralysed.

Well, there’s one very close experience, but of course your hands are still alive.

Try a 45 min weight lifting session with a bodybuilder. You will literally observe your limbs limping or dangling over your shoulder like dead salmon by the end of it..

He’ll really push you beyond your limits, and really able to get you to squeeze your last bits of energy from your physical muscles as well as your brain muscles. You are worked mentally as well.

That’s when you know you have really worked your muscles and getting them really fatigue as it should.

Ah.. Gosh. Only 2nd time with trainer.

Pointer, make sure your gym bathroom is well ventilated else you might faint inside.

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