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Bodybuilding day 21st – How does it feel like having both hands paralysed?

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Huh? Paralysed? Exactly right.. If it’s paralysed, there’s no feel to it. You don’t feel your hands anymore. And how would I know how it is like, unless it’s paralysed.

Well, there’s one very close experience, but of course your hands are still alive.

Try a 45 min weight lifting session with a bodybuilder. You will literally observe your limbs limping or dangling over your shoulder like dead salmon by the end of it..

He’ll really push you beyond your limits, and really able to get you to squeeze your last bits of energy from your physical muscles as well as your brain muscles. You are worked mentally as well.

That’s when you know you have really worked your muscles and getting them really fatigue as it should.

Ah.. Gosh. Only 2nd time with trainer.

Pointer, make sure your gym bathroom is well ventilated else you might faint inside.

Bodybuilding day 14 – What is Latisimuss Dorsi?

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Today I pushed myself a little bit harder, since the workout 2 days ago wasn’t feeling the effect in terms of muscle ache.

So, I did my regular 3 sets each for presses and dumbell row, but using 10kg dumbell this time.

Also manage to try the Lat Pulldown, and only manage to learn the right way after pointed out by an ex-personal trainer. “Lat” is actually short for Latisimuss Dorsi or also better known as “wing”.

Finished up my workout with 20laps of swim.

What to eat and what not during bodybuilding.

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Did some dumbell lifting at home  2 days ago while waiting for next session with my trainer, however, it didn’t have any impact I believe as I don’t feel any aches on my muscle AT ALL. Did not have enough dumbell weights. Pointless.

Today, went to another gym with a college kid I manage to grab hold of. Again, I did 3 sets of each, Inclined Dumbell Press, Flat Dumbell Press, unilateral Dumbell Row, played a little with the bar and then 15 min threadmill. At least, I could feel my muscles really did work today.




My own daily meal plan is somewhat simply, Low Carb, and Higher Protein. The heaviest meal I have is lunch, around 1pm after workout usually, which my trainer says the best time to eat is after workout, so, great!  Starts the day with simple eggs & Romanian leaves and beverages like Milo or Oat.  Bites on light stuffs at night but mainly fruits/vegetables and protein based food.

I have been sending  photos of my lunches to my trainer. Today when lunch comes, I can’t help but to notice that the food we eat outside has too much Sodium. Yes, SALT. So this is what I had to day, AYAMAS. Finished all but only half rice.

Example of food too much sodium


And this was my trainer’s comment…


“Ok first.. U shud be drinking water not juice

2nd.. That’s way too much sodium, both the soup and the sauce

3Rd.. Next time ask for white rice

4th.. Next time ask for breast not wing.. And the whole breast. Like this…. “


and then he showed me a photo.


Breast meat

He was actually having his lunch too!

No wonder I read somewhere, that, we should get a trainer that IS IN shape, not WAS, and importantly IS also working out,  like my trainer Ernie.




That breast meat looks hardy to eat though. Hahaha.



Bodybuilding – Day 2 & 3

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The upper body aches. You feel like your limbs are glued and difficult to wash yourself in your bath or get dressed up.

On the 3rd day, I actually realised bulge on my chest, but I know that is just an immediate after-effect that is shortlived.

Will continue daily swim for 15laps or jog in the morning for the next 8-12 weeks, and display photos of my daily meals to my trainer.

Bodybuilding – Day 1

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My coach said I can begin and so we set the time to be 10.30am.  I am not usually a morning person, but I like it as it is not during peak hours and it’s less crowded anywhere you do. 

I was at the gym slightly earlier. I was already seeing a couple of college kids working out.

Unexpectedly, first warning I received from my trainer is this.


I was “oh,ok”. Only then I realised many bodybuilders trained with steriod and that is not natural.

I was told the session is going to take about 1 hr. So, we went straight up to the locker and get ready.

I began with inclined dumbell presses.  1 set of 15 reps. It wasn’t until the 2nd set, I thought my trainer had selected the heaviest weight for my capacity. SO, I did another set with a heavier weight. (maybe 9kg each dumbell?) Not too sure gotta check with my trainer.

By 2nd set my arms are beginning to give way, and I have long left the counting of reps to my trainer. Neither do i know how many reps  I was doing when I was doing it. All my entire focus (as I should), was to do as many and control the weight.

I took about a minute break in between each sets.

We continued with 2 sets of flat dumbell presses, in which it is easier than inclined dumbell presses. By 3 set, 15 reps were beyond my reach. But I wouldn’t have expected I could do 12 without the push and motivation from my trainer.

My forearm needs lots of work apparently.

So, we continued with 2 sets of dumbell row, and finally, I was just able to hung on the chin up bar for like 10-13 Secs..

Guess what, everything took only 45 min. My trainer says it isn’t even the full session yet, but I should take it from there for the day.

Knowing I need to burn some fats for my abs too, I went ahead to the treadmill without my trainer. Did that for another 10min, cooldown for a minute, and that’s all for the day I thought I survived, until I felt a sudden surge of dizziness.

I rested on the bench for at least 10 minutes. The dizziness persisted but I began to dry up. I press forward for bath and expecting my body would recaliberate soon enough, until I started perspiring profusely again. My body rejected the mineral water I took. I skipped the bath.

Took me about 30 min in total to pull myself together to get out. Managed to get a Ribenna from a cafe. It took that to realise that my blood is craving for glucose, as I wanted more of it on the drive back. Within another 15min flat on bed upon reaching home, I felt great again to resume my routine.

My trainer says my body will know better in my next session.

I learnt 2 things

1) How our sedentary lifestyle a detriment to our physical health.

2) The effectiveness of training at a gym with a trainer who does the counting and setting the expectation in terms of weight and amount of work. He knows my limit and importantly set the bar and push beyond my expectation to achieve what I want.




BEFORE – The start of bodybuilding journey 1/6/2013

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IMG-20130601-00693 IMG-20130601-00694










1st June 2013. 

“Let’s achieve another milestone. You can do it! “  ~ This is what he keeps telling me.

Basically, has engaged me to Ernie for an on-going personal training course. I was challenged to commit to a time frame and post my progress up here.

So, here are my current stats.

Age: 26+

Height: 173cm
Weight: 69.6kg
Blood Pressure 130 mm/Hg (systolic) 70mm/Hg (diastolic)
Body Mass Index: 23 (Moderate)
Body fat: 21.9%
Visceral Fat Level: 6.5
Basal metabolic rate: 1608
Body Age: 33yo. :-(
Medical history
1) No medication.
2) No surgery or injury or known allergy
3) Father with hypertension and history of mild stroke.
Sports activity
1) 2002-2010 – plays football futsal regularly
2) >2010 – plays badmintion once in a bluemoon.
3) 2012 till present – 20 laps of swim once a week.
No jog, no gym, no crunch, no push-up.
Always sit on my chair to work.
Hmm.. LET’s DO IT!