What to eat and what not during bodybuilding.

Did some dumbell lifting at home  2 days ago while waiting for next session with my trainer, however, it didn’t have any impact I believe as I don’t feel any aches on my muscle AT ALL. Did not have enough dumbell weights. Pointless.

Today, went to another gym with a college kid I manage to grab hold of. Again, I did 3 sets of each, Inclined Dumbell Press, Flat Dumbell Press, unilateral Dumbell Row, played a little with the bar and then 15 min threadmill. At least, I could feel my muscles really did work today.




My own daily meal plan is somewhat simply, Low Carb, and Higher Protein. The heaviest meal I have is lunch, around 1pm after workout usually, which my trainer says the best time to eat is after workout, so, great!  Starts the day with simple eggs & Romanian leaves and beverages like Milo or Oat.  Bites on light stuffs at night but mainly fruits/vegetables and protein based food.

I have been sending  photos of my lunches to my trainer. Today when lunch comes, I can’t help but to notice that the food we eat outside has too much Sodium. Yes, SALT. So this is what I had to day, AYAMAS. Finished all but only half rice.

Example of food too much sodium


And this was my trainer’s comment…


“Ok first.. U shud be drinking water not juice

2nd.. That’s way too much sodium, both the soup and the sauce

3Rd.. Next time ask for white rice

4th.. Next time ask for breast not wing.. And the whole breast. Like this…. “


and then he showed me a photo.


Breast meat

He was actually having his lunch too!

No wonder I read somewhere, that, we should get a trainer that IS IN shape, not WAS, and importantly IS also working out,  like my trainer Ernie.




That breast meat looks hardy to eat though. Hahaha.



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