Why is it more efficient to hire a professional bodybuilder/personal trainer?

by Bodybuilder Malaysia

Mr. Kuala Lumpur 2013 championship – 26/05/2013

Interview with Impulse Fitness Marketing Executive whom was a personal trainer/bodybuilder himself as he speaks of:-

1) How bodybuilders can establish his/her own gym through Impulse Fitness via business loan by PUNB?
2) Why is it important for a starter to hire professional BodyBuilder/Personal trainer to achieve your goal, and how to choose one?

Q: What is your name?
A: My name is Zul Helmi. People often call me Angah, or Helmi.

Q: What do you do here to today at Impulse Fitness?
A: We are running a booth to introduce our company and also to introduce our package of promotion for complete gynamsium.

Q: Who are your customers?
A: Commonly are bodybuilders and gym owners. We also provide home use equipments to home-user.

Q: DO you train yourself, An’gah?
A: Yes of course, I train myself also.

Q: Do you engage a bodybuilder or personal trainer?
A: Before this, I was also a personal trainer, and I am doing my Bachelor is Sport Science and Recreation at UiTM.

Q: Do you encourage starter to seek professsional advice from personal trainer instead of doing it ownself at home, and why?
A: From my opinion, we have to take advantage of training in gynasium as there are many personal trainers (and also other members with experience). In bodybuilding, there are theory and experience. We need to make use of their experience to make up our own set of experience. We will not get very efficient result if we train at home.

There is no one to monitor you, whether you are cheating or doing the wrong technique (which leads to wrong habit).

Q: Do you encourage to have an equipment?
A: Yes of course, with an equipment, there’s a commitment. Without one, we cannot see how it can help and how much our body can develop.

Q: Lastly, do you have a tip to newbie who wants to build a fit body, a simple one, and how to choose a personal trainer?
A: Number 1, you have to know the principle of training. It has to be at the back of the mind. It will be used everyday. To hire a personal trainer, you have to search for one who is reliable, with proof of own body result and knowledge.